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Blueberry harvest starts slowly in US as volumes recover


Blueberry farmers hope to capture some of the early-season market when less supply lifts prices are slowed by cooler weather, which has delayed harvest. Though they expect to market more volume in the coming weeks, with good-quality fruit, growers and marketers say larger crops in other states and offshore have also pressured the market this year.Harvest is about seven to 10 days behind schedule, said Todd Sanders, executive director of the California Blueberry Commission, but he noted that could change…

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Organic fruit sales are sweet


From grapes to grapefruit, sales of organic fruit are on the rise, and suppliers anticipate ample volume of good-quality product for the late spring and summer months. At Wenatchee, Wash.-based Stemilt Growers Inc., marketing director Roger Pepperl said the company’s apricot crop now is 100% organic. However, the start date this year will be a bit later than usual, with most of the crop coming on in July rather than late June. Stemilt’s peach and nectarine crop, which also is…

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California fruit suppliers anticipate plenty for summer


California summer fruit suppliers are anticipating a brisk May-August season in 2019, with plenty of supplies to fill orders. That is, once it gets going. Grapes “I think the biggest challenge is that the crop timing looks a little later than last year,” said John Harley, sales manager with Bakersfield, Calif.-based grape grower-shipper Anthony Vineyards.  Quality will not be an issue, though, he said. “The quality looks to be much better (than in 2018),” he said. Harley said he expected…

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California peach harvest underway


The first peaches of the California stone fruit season have been picked this week in Kings County. Kingsburg Orchards' Chad Allred said the season began a little later this year, adding that the first fruit off the trees included white and yellow peaches along with yellow nectarines. "Harvesting began on Tuesday," he announced. "Kingsburg Orchards is always one of the first to get going for the season. The first fruits were picked in the Kettleman region which enjoys a slightly…

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There is currently a surplus of garlic on the world market. In Spain, the harvest has been good for a few years in a row, and a new one will start in May. In China, the price of garlic has risen against everyone's expectations as a result of price speculation. The high price of garlic persists and that doesn't make Chinese garlic attractive for export. The European market is mainly awaiting the new harvest from China and Spain. The market…

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