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Vegetable Transition Causing Major Gaps


Temperatures reaching the upper 90s have basically brought an end to the winter vegetable deals in the California and Arizona deserts, resulting in supply gaps and stronger markets with some commodities headed into the FOB stratosphere. “Two weeks ago, you couldn’t give cauliflower away, now it’s hard to find it,” said Denny Donovan, sales manager for Fresh Kist Produce in Santa Maria, CA, noting that his sales sheet listed 12-size flower at just shy of $70 per carton on Monday,…

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As spring reaches the Northern Hemisphere, the strawberry markets in various countries enter new phases too. In the Netherlands, the shift from Spanish to Dutch strawberries is happening with local supply opportunities arising. Germany is still importing mainly from Southern Europe, but the first German greenhouse strawberries have been picked, and good prices are expected. In France, competition from cheaper Moroccan and Spanish strawberries is putting pressure on local production. In Italy, cold temperatures are impacting the ripening of strawberries,…

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Salinas Valley Crop Damage Tops $500 Million


Preliminarily, Monterey County officials and agricultural experts have indicated that crop losses from the torrential rains that have hit the Salinas Valley this year could easily top $500 million. Those numbers are just guesstimates with no expectation that a final figure will be available for several months. What seems to be certain, however, is that crop losses are significant and the vegetable market will soon be feeling the effects with much higher prices. Dan Walker, a commodity manager with Salinas,…

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How Record Rainfall Is Impacting California’s Strawberries


Watch and wait. That’s where California strawberry growers are at following late last week’s record rainfalls and subsequent flooding in the Salinas-Watsonville region. Now, growers are still waiting for the waters to recede before potential damage can be assessed. “It’s too early to tell the number of acres that have been affected. Roughly 20 percent of the farms in the Pajaro River and the Salinas River areas were affected, though to what extent we don’t know,” says Jeff Cardinale with…

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Chilean Fresh Fruit Exports Up To February Increased By 17.3% In Volume


Cherries account for 68% of the total value of fresh fruit exports in the first two months of 2023 In the first two months of 2023, Chile exported 738 thousand tons of fruits worth 2,547 million FOB dollars, i.e. 14.3% more volume and 7.3% more value than in the same period of the previous year, according to the latest ODEPA Fruit report. Fresh fruit exports amounted to 634,800 tons, equivalent to 2,261 million FOB dollars, i.e. 88.7% of the total…

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