IPG offers quality and shipping expertise to enhance your international trade needs and business development. Not only to help build products and brand recognition, but also to expand and improve company profits and success. We are a full-service export shipper. You can count on our customer-driven services, while always striving to develop a mutually-beneficial relationship between the customer and supplier. At IPG we know that the most important aspect of any relationship is communication. We provide regular reports to both the buyer and the supplier while offering our own expertise in international markets, shipment management and quality control.



Through our international connections, vast customer base, and extensive network within multiple buying sectors, we have the ability to navigate the opportunity-rich, multifaceted  global marketplace with your brand. We are professionals at exporting and developing products in overseas markets, and one of our main services is the platform to take your company’s domestic items and put them in the right markets internationally. We align ourselves with the best and most effective partners around the world to help take your products into their markets and succeed within their customer base.      



IPG also specializes in entering and managing current export programs, by improving them through cost-saving techniques, market expertise, and global supply chain capabilities. We have extensive experience helping overseas buyers develop a more successful  program. In part, by utilizing our shipping expertise to  provide more calculated and timely arrivals, as well as obtaining more favorable cost savings and pricing. IPG aligns itself with the leading and most trustworthy carriers on the ground, in the sky and on the water. Whether buyers are dissatisfied with their current programs due to cost, shipping arrivals, or overall market expertise and service, IPG is the perfect option to help take your product into foreign markets with superior results. IPG uses its export and international trade professionalism to help  producers take their products globally with profitable and long-lasting results.


Through IPG’s  success and  reputation within the fresh produce industry, we have the access and ability to offer private labels and exclusive programs with some of the best packers in the industry. Having an exclusive label in your market can give you the opportunity to build a brand around your company and create customer brand recognition. Work with IPG for the possibility of developing your own private label for your market, and becoming a top choice for your end consumers.


Through IPG’s world-wide presence we monitor, understand and are up to date with all markets and their tendencies and trends. We are not only your global supplier, but also your global platform and servicing firm. We will keep you ahead of every market’s curve.



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