Who We Are

International Produce Group LLC (IPG) was established in 2002 when President, Angelo Dovolis, and a team of experienced international traders joined forces. IPG has since become one of the largest and most dynamic Imports and exporters of fresh produce worldwide. Over time we have expanded our product line to include not only fresh fruits and vegetables, but also frozen fruits/vegetables; nuts and dried fruits; and dairy and poultry. IPG has sourcing offices in the USA, Peru, and Chile, that allow for a year around supply of multiple items for multiple different countries. IPG is a full service produce supply company that provides multiple outlets for growers around the world.


IPG’s ability to successfully service long-term customers across all business sectors including wholesale, retail, foodservice and e-commerce, can be attributed to our long-lasting relationships with the highest quality producers and trustworthy suppliers. By studying market trends, keeping abreast of international trade affairs, and listening and responding to our buyers’ needs, we maintain a customer-driven business model. IPG continues to be a front-runner and the #1 choice for buyers’ looking to satisfy their import needs in a reliable and creative way.


We utilize our international shipping and market expertise to develop brands overseas, provide cost savings and a competitive advantage to our buyers.


At IPG our goal is to enable our customers to develop and grow their unique business in a profitable way.


We feel that our expertise and flexibility will allow us to grow with our customers; seamlessly transitioning into new industries and introducing new product lines. Faster, fresher, and more efficiently, IPG will assist you in building your brand and your business by providing a platform you can trust for many years to come.



International Produce Group doesn’t just help move products from point A to point B. IPG is a full-service Importer/exporter focused on studying, and taking pride in knowledge of local and foreign market conditions day in and day out. Our focus is on how to deliver the right product to the right customer, at the right time, enabling profits for everyone involved.

Through shipment tracking, highly-detailed logistics planning, and constant overseas communication, IPG is able to give our customers an edge when it comes to timing.

IPG’s industry leading Inspectors are in the fields, groves, and plants day-in-and-day-out scouting and selecting the best products based on market requirements and customers’ specifications. Our inspection team, like our sales staff, is customer-driven. They make selections based on knowledge of overall foreign market tastes while honoring customer-specified requirements.

IPG’s long-term mutually-beneficial relationships with many of the industry’s largest and most respected growers have allowed IPG to build some of the most sought after and profitable brands in foreign fruit and vegetable markets. When customers receive product from IPG, they know they are receiving the highest-quality products.



On all levels, since 2002, IPG has built a team of individuals that through expertise and experience have established themselves as industry leaders.

IPG Sales Staff is fully immersed in the shipment process. Each member is in constant communication with growers, field inspectors, ground transportation, airline specialists, steamship line representatives and of course our buyers to allow a full view and in depth understanding of the current conditions from field to customer.

IPG inspection staff provide full reports including photos and quality details and allocate the right products to each market and each customer on a daily basis. Our inspectors travel overseas which allows them to have a full understanding of what each buyer is looking for and how we can best service them.

IPG Documentation is all in house and our staff are well-versed in all international shipping requirements, providing timely and accurate documentation for all our shipments.


Looking to the future, IPG will continue to use our proven methods to continue to supply our world-wide customers on a year-round basis. Never satisfied with the status quo, we are always working hard to broaden the range of products and services we can offer, always looking to our customers’ unique needs.  IPG is always looking for ways to further supply our customers in the most quality-driven and cost-effective way possible.

We will continue to use our expertise to provide suppliers the opportunity to successfully develop their products in the most suitable markets overseas and with the best customers. We also welcome the opportunity to enhance suppliers’ current export deals through improved management by IPG.

We look forward to being the first choice of buyers and suppliers alike. Thank you!