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Market Minute: Western Weather To Affect Salinas Valley Transition


Weather has been a nasty drawback for crops in some California farming areas. The snowpack alone in the central and southern Nevada mountains is double the normal amount for the year. There is so much accumulated snow that it has caused power failures throughout California mountain neighborhoods, collapsed building roofs, stranded vehicles and closed roads. We talked to some Salinas, CA, growers and shippers about the status of product and were given some vital information in looking ahead. The middle…

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According To The Latest Estimate, Chilean Grape Exports Will Decrease By 13.2% This Season


As a result of the lower volume of table grapes available in the central area of the country, the Table Grape Committee of the Association of Fruit Exporters of Chile AG (ASOEX) decided to carry out a sixth forecast of the season. According to this new forecast, the country will export 64,518,065 standard boxes of 8.2 kilos, i.e. 13.2% less than in the previous season and 4% less than estimated in the fifth forecast made less than a month ago.…

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The Fed’s Supply Chain Pressure Gauge Just Went Negative


NY Fed: ‘Global supply chain conditions have returned to normal’ Back in January 2022, when the world was in the throes of a supply chain crisis, economists at the New York Federal Reserve unveiled a new barometer to measure the inflation fallout, called the Global Supply Chain Pressure Index (GSCPI). The GSCPI, designed to “capture supply chain disruptions using a range of indicators,” measures standard deviations from the historical mean. It peaked at 4.31 standard deviations in December 2021. In trading…

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The global pear market seems to be on a stable note, with increasing demand and good prices, especially for smaller sizes. The Belgian pear market is doing well, with a surge of 30% in prices in the last month, and a high demand for smaller sizes. Meanwhile, Germany is experiencing an increase in overseas supplies, primarily from South Africa. Switzerland is seeing positive development in the organic fruit market, and club concepts are on the rise. In Italy, a lack…

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Peruvian Avocado Exports Up To Week 7 Have Already Increased By 31% This Season


According to figures provided by Fresh Fruit, Peru exported 4,370 tons of fresh avocado in week 7, i.e. 63% more than in the same week of last year, bringing the volume that the county has exported so far in this campaign to 14,730 tons; a volume that is 31% higher than in the same period of the previous campaign. The main destinations of the avocado shipped in week 7 were the Netherlands, with a 31% share; Spain, with 25%; and…

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