Peruvian Avocado Exports Up To Week 7 Have Already Increased By 31% This Season


According to figures provided by Fresh Fruit, Peru exported 4,370 tons of fresh avocado in week 7, i.e. 63% more than in the same week of last year, bringing the volume that the county has exported so far in this campaign to 14,730 tons; a volume that is 31% higher than in the same period of the previous campaign.

The main destinations of the avocado shipped in week 7 were the Netherlands, with a 31% share; Spain, with 25%; and China, with 21%.

“Last week, Peru exported 1,364 tons to the Netherlands, which accounted for 31% of all exports. 86% of the product shipped to this destination was exported via the port of Callao and the remaining 14% via the port of Paita.

“A total of 1,091 tons, i.e. 25% of all exports, were sent to Spain. All the avocado that arrived at this destination was shipped through the port of Callao.”

“Last week, the country only exported 916 tons of avocado to China; however, this was 37% more than in the previous week, remaining with a 21% share. The avocado shipped to China was also exported through the port of Callao.”

From Fresh Plaza