San Joaquin Valley cherry farmers expect record harvest


If the weather continues to cooperate until harvest, next month, it could be a record year for San Joaquin Valley Cherry Farmers. However, farmers are concerned there may not be enough labor to get the cherries off the trees when harvest time does come around.


For cherry farmers like Jeff Ferrari, all eyes are on the weather after two seasons of unfavorable conditions. The trees are healthy, producing an unusual amount of fruit on the branches. With three more weeks to go until harvest, farmers are concerned there may not be enough workers to pick the fruit.


It’s ironic, they say because pickers stand to make quite a bit of cash when there is this much fruit. Ferrari said they’re looking at maybe double minimum wage. For now, farmers say it’s still early and they remain optimistic. “I’ve talked with people and they’re confident it will be attractive for pickers to make money,” Ferrari said.


According to, growers expect to harvest 60% of the total crop in May and the rest in the first two weeks of June.


by Fresh Plaza