Congestion In Chinese Ports Causes Cargo Ships To Divert To Hong Kong


The Chinese port authorities have once again implemented strict measures to stop the spread of Covid-19. Many Chinese ports are congested as a result of this decision. Cargo ships with import products, especially those carrying perishable products such as fruit, therefore divert to Hong Kong.

A spokesperson for the Hong Kong Sea Port Alliance (HKSPA) stated that Hong Kong is the main beneficiary of the bottleneck in Chinese ports. Hong Kong port offers unobstructed access to refrigerated shipping container terminals. The HKSPA works closely together with shipping companies to offload the shipping containers and help shipping companies maintain their schedule.

According to the HKSPA, fruit trade in Hong Kong port increased by 5% in the first half of 2020, but the trade in dried fruit declined by 3%. The volume of fresh fruit and vegetables that passes through Hong Kong port on an annual basis is worth nearly 3 billion USD. Almost 60% of that trade volume is transshipped to mainland China.

The HKSPA has installed more than 7,800 terminals for refrigerated shipping containers. That is twice the size of Huanan port. The Hong Kong port facilities help speed up transportation and guarantee that import fruit is quickly on its way to the destination market.

By FreshPlaza