California Spring Strawberry Crop Comes Into Production


As the sun rises on Oxnard, California, so does the Spring strawberry crop for Bobalu Berries. The mild Spring weather has arrived right on schedule in this region producing excellent quality, flavor and size just in time for their customer demand.

“We expect to be in full-swing in this region throughout March and April, which is perfect for customers as they plan their Spring and Easter promotions” says Anthony Gallino, VP of Sales.  “Weather to date has been favorable for the plants, and the berries being harvested couldn’t look or taste any better,” he adds.

Bobalu is primarily harvesting the short-day Fronteras in this region which is a consumer favorite, and the company expects to have promotable volume throughout the spring holidays followed by a smooth transition from Oxnard right into Santa Maria this year with the Monterey variety, so customers don’t miss a beat.

“We are excited about our 2020 berry program, particularly with the fruit coming out of Oxnard right now, and soon, Santa Maria because of where we farm in both districts.  Having the location in Oxnard provides an early start, along with being on the west side in Santa Maria allowing us to harvest well into the summer due to mild climate conditions,” says Bobby Jones, Partner.  

“This is an exciting time for our company as we continue to take steps forward building our company, expanding our berry program, and our team here at Bobalu. Anthony Gallino has been providing leadership with building our customer base and an inside sales team,” adds Jones. Tom O’Brien has been added as Sales Account Manager and Ashley Viveros was promoted to Sales Coordinator from within the company.

Bobby and RC Jones, third generation farmers, are methodically and thoughtfully building their program ensuring they stray true to their ‘Family Grown and Farmer Owned’ philosophy established by their grandparents. Both are focused on building and maintain a quality farming operation as they expand in new regions. They are excited about what they have already accomplished for Bobalu Berries becoming a vertically integrated company and confirm that there is much more to come.

By Fresh Plaza