Argentina Ships First Lemons to India


The first shipment of Argentinian-grown lemons is on its way to India, with 24 tonnes expected to arrive later this month (August). The shipment signals both the opening of the season and the beginning of a partnership with great potential.

The Argentine Northwest Citrus Association (ACNOA) represents fruit producers, packing plants and industry personnel. President of the association, Pablo Padilla, acknowledged that shipments from the Southern Hemisphere will begin small, but insisted there is room to grow.

“There is a window in the counter-season coinciding with the natural season in Argentina in which India is not importing lemons from any other origin, so we can arrive with high quality fruit at good prices,” Padilla explained.

This initial shipment is a significant milestone for both countries in their ongoing effort to establish a commercial link. Argentina must comply with the strict phytosanitary requirements India has in place, as well as market the fruit to an entirely new consumer base.

Padilla is confident the quality of Argentinian lemons will appeal to Indian consumers and predicts a bright future.

“By 2020 we plan to continue developing all the markets in this region, accompanying our presence with consumer promotion actions,” he said.

By Fruit Net