Third-party Quality Inspection Agencies Help Chinese Importers Ensure Fruit Quality


Only 5 or 6 years ago, imported fruits were still very rare in the China market. Now, as a lot more items have gained access, a variety of fresh fruit imported from across the globe can be found everywhere. With the rapid growth of imports, importers and consumers in China are increasingly demanding in terms of quality. More and more importers are now controlling quality and reducing possible quality-related risks by working with third-party commodity inspection agencies after establishing work relationships with suppliers.

Ms. Huang, manager of HQTS, a commodity inspection agency, discussed the business scope of commodity inspection agencies and the market trends that she has observed.

“As a third-party commodity inspection agency, we conduct quality inspections on fruit covering all aspects of harvest, storage, processing, packaging, and transportation, in accordance with the requirements of customers, to ensure that external factors will not have an unfavorable impact on product quality. In addition to the processing environment, we also grade product quality based on factors such as water content, sugar content, and sizing in accordance with the requirements specified in customers’ orders. Citrus and grapes are the two largest categories we currently handle. This is because China’s imports of these two categories are very large, and they are prone to quality problems during processing and transportation,” Ms. Huang explained.

“Customers looking for quality inspections are mainly large and medium-sized importers who have fruit trade with Egypt, South Africa, Spain, Chile, Australia, and Russia, as well as local exporters. With the increase of imports from South America, many companies having business dealings with South America have also come to us for consultancy. ”

With the continuous increase in the volume of imports and exports, there are more and more institutions providing inspection services in China and abroad. When asked about the market strengths of HQTS, Ms. Huang said, “Our unique advantage is that our clients will get a dedicated coordinator, and we can also offer flexible service time. We have more than 1,500 inspectors in more than 40 countries around the world. No matter where the urgent requirements occur, clients only need to contact the dedicated coordinator and we will mobilize our resources to help our customers.”

Founded in 1987, HQTS is the first Chinese commodity inspection agency to join the International Inspection Union. In addition to fruit quality supervision, the company also offers assessments of suppliers and their production environment according to the requirements of importers, and third-party notarization for disputes over quality arising from the process of import and export. “We hope that more companies will be aware of the third-party commodity inspection industry, and we are also looking forward to reducing the quality risks for more importers and exporters.”

By Fresh Plaza