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The three main varieties of mandarins are Satsumas (seedless), Honey Mandarins (seeded) and Royal Mandarins (seeded). These are smooth skinned, juicy and relatively sweet tasting.  They are often referred to as an “easy peeler”. Each variety has their own distinctive flavor. Satsumas are the first available mandarin and have a mild orange taste. Honey Mandarins are very aromatic and have a sweet taste like honey. Royal Mandarins have more of a sweet spicy flavor.


Sizing: Colossal /Mammoth/Jumbo/ Large/Medium/Small Volume Filled, approx. 25-28lbs per carton, 72 cartons per pallet

Royal Mandarin

Sizing: 48/56/72/88/113/138/163 Pattern Pack (approx. 35-37lb), 63 cartons per pallet

Clementime / Murcott Mandarins

Sizing: 15/18/21/24/28/32/36/40/44 Volume Fill (5lb ctns), 108 cartons per pallet

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