Peru Will Export 11% More Table Grapes In The 2022/2023 Campaign


According to the first projection of the 2022/23 campaign of the Association of Table Grape Producers of Peru (Provid), table grape exports will grow by 11% over the previous campaign, up to 71.5 million boxes of table grapes (each box equals 8.2 kilograms).

“This growth is due to the expansion of the production window, which begins with the Red Globe in June and ends in March, covering almost the entire year,” the entity stressed. In Piura, the seedless grapes begin in September and continue following the Peruvian coast until Ica in March, culminating with the second harvest in Piura in April.

This projected increase in shipments is also due to the rapid varietal change there’s been in the country, which makes Peruvian supply increasingly attractive, achieving greater diversification of markets and helping grapes to continue to be a novel fruit boosting their consumption in the market.

Peru has positioned itself as the world’s second-biggest exporter of table grapes, despite the various difficulties presented in the last campaign, such as container logistics and the increase in freight costs. “This shows that the Peruvian industry has been able to respond to the demand of the more than 50 international markets it supplies with a diversified offer and good quality, which is why we are recognized as highly reliable suppliers,” the association stated.

From Fresh Plaza