New Blackberry Variety to Debut This Year


A new year begins with a new variety for berry growers at Alpine Fresh, Inc. and Berry Fresh, LLC.  Their Sweet Karoline™ blackberries are making their market debut after seven years of research, development and market testing. The berry variety is distinguished for the remarkably sweet taste found in each and every berry.

“We believe that once the consumer is able to get this variety in their stores they will be extremely happy with the quality and taste of the fruit. The blackberry industry has been craving something new to advance the category and this is a big step in that right direction,” says Walter Yager, CEO of Alpine Fresh.

The Sweet Karoline™ blackberry was developed by the breeding program and growing operation Expoberries, owned and operated by Alpine Fresh, Inc. and Berry Fresh, LLC . The Sweet Karoline™ blackberry is the first variety to come out of this program. These blackberries are known for their sweet flavor and resistance to red cells. Sweet Karoline’s also have better shelf-life and significantly higher brix levels than other varieties.

“We’re very excited to introduce Sweet Karoline into our product line,” says Jyoti Bhogal, Vice President of Sales. “Its distinct sweet taste is really unlike anything on the market.”  Lorenzo Venezian, President of Berry Fresh says, “After years of development, we are extremely proud to reach this new chapter of our breeding program. We anticipate that our customers’ will really love Sweet Karoline.”

The blackberries are currently being grown in Mexico and growing trials are being conducted in the United States in efforts to offer the variety year-round. They are currently available nine months of the year – October through June.

By Fresh Plaza