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Late California blueberry season to cause overlap


Blueberry growers in California are expecting the season to run late this year, after a delayed start. Excess rains during spring pushed back the season and picking didn't begin until the first week of May. As a result, the blueberry season is almost certainly going to run late and subsequently overlap with the start of the Oregon season. "Our season started about two weeks late," said Paul Smit of California Fruit Company. "The season is definitely going to extend and…

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US bails out tariff hit farmers


A US$16bn relief package for US agricultural producers has been announced in response to the ongoing trade war with China illions of dollars will be distributed to US farmers by the US Department of Agriculture (USDA) to help them cope with the effects of ongoing trade dispute with China. Announced today, 24 May, the relief strategy will provide up to US$16bn in programmes, which the USDA said was in line with the estimated impacts of tariffs on US agricultural goods…

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Rains will put pressure on California strawberry supplies


After the heavy rains that fell over the past week in California, strawberry growers have now turned to cleaning up their fields and removing damaged strawberries. Both Salinas and Santa Maria were hit by rains, with the greater amount falling in the Salinas-Watsonville growing district. Despite growers picking as many berries as possible ahead of the rains, in general most of the ripe fruit that remained in the fields was damaged. Harvesting came to a halt as firstly muddy conditions…

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Growers count their losses: California cherry crop devastated by storms


Cherry growers in California are counting the cost as storms over the past week destroyed a significant amount of the current cherry crop. While official estimates are still several days or even weeks away, the general feeling is that a few million boxes worth of cherries have been lost, with the worst affected being early season varieties and also a large portion of the Bing crop. There is some hope that some of the later season cherries can still be…

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Lemon supplies are currently on the rise in most countries. Lemons are an inelastic product. This means this year's demand is fairly similar to that of last year. Lemon prices have dropped significantly because of this. Argentina is, currently, the most distinctive lemon production country. This country has increased its exports to both the United States and Europe. This increased volume is putting pressure on the Spanish lemons that are on the market. Russia is currently importing lemons from China.…

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