Higher Apple Production in Shaanxi Facing Shortage of Seasonal Workers


The Fuji apple harvest has begun in Shaanxi and is expected to last through to mid-November.

“This year’s weather has been good, production areas have not been affected by serious natural disasters, and the sunshine has been sufficient. The color, sweetness, and size of the fruit are very good. Thanks to the government’s strong support and the expansion of planted acreages, this year’s production is about 30% higher compared with last year. However, higher production has led to a fall in prices. In general, prices this season are about 0.8-1 yuan/half a kilo lower than those of the same period of last year. For example, the current farm gate price of Grade A Fujis is about 2.8 yuan/half a kilo, while that of Grade B fruit is about 2 yuan/half a kilo. It is expected that prices will fall even further,” Mr. Li, Manager of Jibin Fruits of said.

“This year, apple growers have ushered in a bumper harvest, and the biggest problem we face now is the shortage of seasonal labor,” Mr. Li said with frustration. “We are now at the peak time of the harvest, and there aren’t enough workers at the growing centers. In order not to delay the shipment, we have to work on the fields ourselves or ask friends to help us picking and packaging apples.”

Jibin Fruits mainly market their products locally. Their fruit are sold across China through e-commerce platforms. The company has been setting their sights on overseas markets since this year. “Over the past few days, we have received inquiries from customers in Southeast Asia and are quoting for them. I hope consumers overseas will soon be able to taste high-quality apples from Shaanxi!”

By Fresh Plaza