Argentine Cherries Seduce the Chinese Market


The sixth mission of Chinese companies have visited Argentina. The mission was formed by eight fruit importers that were mainly interested in the cherries from the provinces of Rio Negro and Neuquen. However, after visiting different production centers, they also showed interest in the region’s pears, apples, and wines.

The firms are part of the Shanghai HuiZhan Market, a wholesale market made up of various fruit importing companies from various parts of the world, and requested the completion of this commercial tour before the Argentine embassy in China.

Anibal Caminiti, coordinator of the Fine Fruits Program of the Pyme-Adeneu Center and executive manager of the Argentine Chamber of Integrated Cherry Producers (CAPCI), said that “there’s been a continuous demand from Chinese buyers since that market was opened.”

The CAPCI and the Adeneu Pyme Center coordinated the visits to the fruit companies of the Upper Valley of Rio Negro and Neuquen. On other occasions, they also organized business meetings with other Patagonian companies.

By Fresh Plaza