Solid Production Of California Cherries


Supplies of cherries are coming in strong from California.

The peak of the early district came later than was anticipated while the peak of the late district came on earlier than usual says Kyle Persky with Rivermaid Trading Company. “And with the heat this last week, we now have peak supplies through this weekend.”

Overall, Persky notes that the original estimate for California cherries was 6.7 million boxes this season. However, this number has since been revised to 5.9 million boxes. “Last year was a potential record crop that was damaged by heavy, heavy rain in the middle of May,” says Persky. “In terms of total volume, it may end up being similar to last year’s boxes. But in terms of fruit quality and season flow, it’s much much different.”

Better weather conditions this season mean Persky says the fruit has sized well. “That should continue with a wider overall fruit set on the tree. It has a chance to size better,” he says, adding that firmness and Brix levels also look good.

Rivermaid will move into Bing cherry production May 18-19th with the season wrapping up around June 3-4.

Export demand strong
As for demand, it looks good and is increasing as Memorial Day approaches.

Of course, all of this has had an affect on pricing, which adjusted rapidly. “There’s definitely a short-term opportunity to move more volume and there are deals to be had right now that are going to go away by early next week when things stabilize,” says Persky.

Last year’s pricing at this time would have been similar if not slightly lower, though Persky notes the industry was still preparing for that record crop at that time.

By Fresh Plaza