Red Globe Still Brings In Good Business For Peruvian Table Grape Producer


The rapid shift to new generation cultivars means that all indications  point to the fact that the table grape industry work horse cultivar of Red Globe is fast becoming a niche product in the grape sector. One producer and exporter J&L Agroexportaciones based in Lima, Peru, with 100% Red Globe variety planted, has seen fluctuating prices in Europe, but enough to see constant good business.

According to Andrea Gamarra Castillo, sales manager at J&L, “We only have Red Globe planted on 96 hectares of this variety. However, we have a project for seedless grapes this year too. We have two orchards, one is in Pacanguilla and the other one in Casma, Peru.”

J&L holds Global Gap and Grasp certification. It operates as an agricultural cooperative that starts harvesting in October with peak exports from November to January and the last volumes sent between February to May each year.

Gamarra Castillo says they only export Red Globe to Europe. “We just export it to Europe. On prices, there have been some challenging years. However, I believe the reduction of Red Globe production here in Peru will help with the prices for the future.”

From Fresh Plaza