Peru Has Exported More Than 61 million Boxes Of Table Grapes This Season


According to data shared by the Peruvian Association of Table Grape Producers (Provid), from week 34 of 2022 to week 6 of 2023, Peru has exported 61,124,095 standardized 8.2 kg boxes of table grapes.

30% of all exports correspond to the Sweet Globe variety, 19% to the Red Globe variety, and 9% to the Allison grapes. These 3 varieties account for 58% of the volume sent.

The main producing areas are Piura, which accounts for 46% of the production, ICA with 40%, and Lambayeque with 7%.

It should be noted that Peru’s table grape industry expects to export 73,057,469 boxes, of 8.2 kilos each, in the 2022-2023 season.

From Fresh Plaza