Number Of U.S. Apples In Storage Down 4.5% Year-On-Year


According to a January report by USApple, apple holdings are down 4.1% compared to the same period last year.

The total volume of 84.2 million bushes reported on Jan. 1, is 12.5% less than the January five- year average.

The report showed that Washington remains as the highest producing state with 91.9 million bushels (42-lb) for 2022-23. In second place, far from Washington’s volume is Michigan with 9.9 million bushels during the same period. 

Production in Washington has decreased by 7.3 million bushels year-on-year. Compared to the five-year average for January, this year’s production is down by 17.1 million bushels.

Regarding specific varieties, Gala apples had the largest production with 21.1 million bushels, followed by Red Delicious with 15.8 million. In third place, the Fuji variety yielded 12.8 million bushels for this period. 

USDA’s National Agricultural Statistics Service (NASS) surveyed industry and published a U.S. forecast for apple production in the December 2022 Crop Production report.

As per USDA’s estimate, U.S. 2022-23 production is expected to rise 158,000 tons to 4.5 million, a slight reversal after back-to-back annual declines.

Despite higher supplies, exports are forecast down 53,000 tons to 670,000 for a third straight year of declines on reduced Washington output. Imports are expected up 10,000 tons to 115,000 on higher shipments from New Zealand. 

This report captures more than 95% of the national storage capacity.

From Fresh Fruit Portal