Mexico Offers Potential To Grow Date Industry


Medjool dates are known to be grown in the Middle East and Africa, but the Bard Valley region in the United States is a well-known sweet spot for Medjools as well. However, more recently production into Mexico has witnessed an expansion. “In Mexico’s Sonora desert, the climate and growing conditions are similar to the US Bard Valley region,” says Rob Borley with AMS Export. “Lower labor costs offer a significant competitive advantage and have allowed the Sonora region to create a date industry.”

Dates packed by hand.

Mexican dates are harvested in September and October, but available year-round. They are in highest demand in the weeks leading up to Ramadan, which will be celebrated from the end of March until the end of April this year. “We’ve noticed that Muslim communities in the UK as well as other European countries increasingly look for new and more diverse origins outside the Middle East,” said Borley. In addition to Europe, AMS Export ships Mexican dates into Canada and Australia. The company exclusively ships Mexican dates under the ‘Honest to Date’ brand to these destinations. While demand peaks leading up to Ramadan, the company witnesses a small peak in demand around Christmas.

For the past five years, AMS has been involved in the export of Medjool dates from Mexico. “We’ve been working exclusively with one brand during this time,” commented Borley. Although volumes exported are still relatively small, he sees potential for growth.

Palm tree with dates and “Honest to Date” dates that are exclusively shipped from Mexico to the UK, EU, Canada, and Australia.