Drought Results in Poor Tasting Navel Oranges in Southern Jiangxi, China


Recently, with oranges from various production areas flooding into the market, competition has become increasingly fierce. In comparison, branded products are selling more smoothly, as consumer awareness of brands is gradually deepening.

Among the myriad of brands, Shancheng Shidai, founded about three years ago, is one of those that are growing fastest. They’ve just started this year’s navel orange production season in Southern Jiangxi. Chen, general manager of Shancheng Shidai talked about the current market conditions,

“This year’s weather in Southern Jiangxi has been unusual, and we saw hardly any rain between June and October, which resulted in poor taste of navel oranges. The crops this year are high in acidity, slow to become less tart, and have a lot of pomaces. As they don’t taste as good as last year, the overall market share of navel oranges from Southern Jiangxi is shrinking, and we are also facing greater competition.”

“We have started to distribute goods to Guangzhou, Xi’an, Hangzhou, and Guiyang, and will continue to distribute goods to cities such as Zhengzhou, Qingdao, and Shanghai. We chose this sales strategy mainly due to the fact that Shanghai has more imported fruits and consumers have more choices. Therefore, in order to win better markets for our oranges, we started to market in other cities to expand our markets. Currently, orange prices in the Chinese market are still volatile. Our fruit are sold at 5-6/half a kilo in wholesale markets. “

“We pack our products with branded packaging. Without a brand, there would be no consumer awareness and standardization could not be achieved. We focus on the quality and taste of navel oranges, to ensure that our customers know that the oranges they buy are of high quality. We will start selling navel oranges for the Chinese New Year as the production season advances and we can better meet holiday demand. “

We source our products from our partners located in Southern Jiangxi, and we only take care of the marketing of our products. We work with farmers who have orchards in a few counties in Xunwu and Ruijin. Our navel oranges can be harvested and kept fresh, so at the moment, we are carrying out purchasing and storage activities at the same time. In this way, we can supply our products past the Spring Festival. “

By Fresh Plaza