California Assures Promotable Table Grape Supplies Through December


The California Table Grape Commission has assured that there will be promotable supplies
of fruit through December this year.

Harvesting is continuing in the San Joaquin Valley, moving steadily toward its conclusion at
the end of the year.

The Commission recently revised its production forecast down, now expecting a crop of
104.9m 19-pound boxes, down from its April estimate of 106.5m . The final harvest in 2019
was 105m 19-pound boxes.

“Fall is a beautiful time of year to harvest grapes in California,” said Nave. “The vineyards
are full of fruit, the mornings are cool and the afternoons are sunny and warm but not hot.”
Nave said that many of the newer varieties of grapes were bred to be harvested in the fall.
“Nearly 50 percent of the California grape volume is shipped to consumers from October
through January,” she said, “making California grapes very much a fall and early winter

According to Nave, this time of year there are often suggestions from grape growers in
other countries that California production will fall short of what is needed to supply the U.S.
market through December.

“California has dominated grape sales through December for years and this season is no
different,” she said. “Promotion work with retailers and conversations with
consumers through social media, influencers, and advertising in multiple mediums are
moving ahead full speed to support the promotable volumes of November and December
and support the wrap-up in January.”

By Fresh Fruit Portal