ASOEX Cherry Committee’s First Estimate For The 2022-2023 Season


Chilean Fresh Cherry Exports Are Expected To Increase by 25%

According to the ASOEX Cherry Committee’s first estimate for the 2022-2023 export season, Chile will increase its shipments of fresh cherries by 25% over the previous season. Thus, Chile will export 89,353,878 boxes of fresh cherries, equivalent to 446,769 tons.

This forecast collects data provided between September 27 and October 6, 2022, so there may be some changes during the season, which will be reported by the entity in due course.

“Last season was one of the most complicated seasons that our country’s fresh fruit export sector has ever experienced. That’s why we’ve been working together with the Ministry of Agriculture, the SAG, Chinese authorities, producers, and exporters so we can quickly solve in a coordinated manner any problem that may arise in this new season. China will continue to be the main destination market for our cherries, but we will continue to diversify our exports to other markets of interest,” stated Ivan Marambio, president of ASOEX.

“We’ve worked with China on a protocol that will allow us to ensure better exports and we’ve discussed the necessary solutions to generate faster and faster processes with all the actors in the logistics chain (both public and private) so that we can export a record volume of cherries this season. We have also asked our authorities to prioritize exports of perishable products, such as our fruits, to ensure that they aren’t affected by logistical setbacks, thus contributing to food security in Chile and the world.”

The president of the Cherry Committee, Cristian Tagle, highlighted the quality of the fruit: “In general, we’ve had good weather conditions so we’ll have very good quality fruit. As a committee, we have conscientiously prepared ourselves in various areas to further improve the quality and safety of our shipments. Fortunately, we see a slight rebound in the performance of the logistics chain that we hope will be reflected in better conditions and the market’s confidence in our cherry.”

Tagle also said that they would continue to boost exports during the 2022-2023 campaign with strong promotional programs, which contemplate a mix of marketing actions, especially in China, but also in other markets such as the US, Korea, Thailand, India, and Vietnam.

Finally, Claudia Soler, the manager of the committee, said that, according to the information they received, exports are expected to begin in week 43 and should last until week 7. Soler recalled that Chile exported 356,348 tons of fresh cherries during the past season and that shipments to China had amounted to 313,237 tons.

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